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The mission of the Lynbrook Titans Youth Football League is to serve as positive role models guiding our youth as measured by our decisions, actions, positive reinforcement, and overall dedication to the sport and our community.

We will work tirelessly to build self-esteem, physical aptitude, and a moral foundation in the youth of the community among the ideals of physical conditioning, sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for others.   

We will provide positive coaching and mentoring to all players and cheerleaders by offering a safe, competitive, and unbiased organization for athletic competition.  The Lynbrook Titans Youth Football League will be a partner to community middle schools and high schools preparing our young athletes for progressive levels of competition.  We will strive to foster teamwork, compassion, and charity within our communities for the betterment of our members, future members, and the collective program.

All members shall be guided by the principle that exceptional athletic skills and winning of games is only secondary to the aforementioned mission statements.

Location:  Lynbrook VFW

Date:  March 11, 2017

Time:  1-3 PM